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President of a transportation company for more than 20 years, I decided to make the leap to my passion of RC which dates back to my youth. After many kit assemblies, modifications, trials and errors to gain performance, I was always concerned about the quality and price of parts offered on the market. That’s when I came up with the idea of developing a line of products to meet this need, the WAG Radio Control brand.

WAG Radio Control aspires to be the leader in the remote control hobby in Quebec. Innovative in our concepts, our powerful and affordable servo models will satisfy the needs of connoisseurs. Not to mention our efficient and durable LiPo batteries.  The excellence of our various WAG products is based on rigorous quality control. Proud to be from Quebec, many of our products are made in Quebec. Our international network of partners allows us to offer you high quality equipment, accessible to all budgets.

In order to progress, we will listen to your ideas, even the most original ones, and to your constructive criticism. All this in order to meet your expectations. Trust WAG RC, encourage our people!

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